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Service Changes

Parts Changes

  • If there is an emergency call you will pay the same day service charge of a $135/hr shop rate.
  • Customers are no longer allowed in the shop unless instructed by an employee.
  • Pickup and delivery charge will be $200 minimum. 
  • If your machine is filthy when brought in, we will clean it before we start on it. Cleaning rate will be the shop rate.
  • Starting immediately, a diagnostic fee of $350 will be implemented. This fee will be waived if the machine remains with us for repairs. However, if the machine is not left for repairs, the $350 diagnostic fee, in addition to the shop rate for the technician's diagnostic time, will be applied.
  • Customers will no longer talk to the service techs directly. They will talk with the service manager to help diagnose problems, setup service, etc.
  • 25% down on all special-order parts.
  • 25% Restocking fee.
  • For tickets exceeding $2,000, 50% of the total bill must be paid before the customer can pick up the machine after the service is complete.